Church home: Rehoboth Ministries, Buffalo, New York

You gotta have a focus that matters. You have to figure out and understand what the center of your focus is.

In my life God has something greater planned for me. Don’t just focus on today. God wants to give us blessings on blessings. 

You have got to have order and structure. These blessings aren’t just for me. It’s for my children and my children’s children. (The line of succession)

It is not how fast you are going, it’s about how much the road can handle.

Are you truly capable of handling the blessings that God will put in your life ? 

Positive outlooks (surrounding yourself with people going in the direction that you are going in)

There are three forms of focus. No focus, the wrong focus and the right focus:

What you think is what you say

What you say is what you do

What you do becomes a habit

Then a habit then becomes your character.

So you have to focus your thoughts on the right things.

I left this service feeling resilient, motivated and empowered to put my energy into the right things. It is so easy for us to put so much energy into things of negative nature but in turn can’t put that same foot forward when it comes to positivity. I want all who reads this to go into their upcoming week with goals on what you wish to focus on. I want to focus on being a bit more patient and not letting things, people, and situations dictate my mood. Focus on my needs and having some me time meaning hitting up the gym to relieve some stress in a productive way. Focus on managing my time better and being more productive in the time that I do have. And mainly just focusing on God himself because I can all things through him. 

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