So my roommates went to a do it yourself program where they were able to make their own face scrubs. Now I love me a great face scrub that not only will exfoliate my face but also give it that beautiful and natural shine. This recipe that I’m going to share with you guys will change your entire perspective on what you can use your kitchen ingredients for. All I’m going to say is brown sugar, coffee graines and olive oil/coconut oil can do a whole lot more than just satisfy your sweet tooth ! Here is how you can make your own deep penetrating & exfoliating face scrub at home using goodies you have sitting in your cabinets !


  • Coffee Graines
  • Olive Oil or Coconut Oil
  • Brown Sugar


  • Mason Jar to store your scrub
  • Spoon to mix all of the ingredients together


  1. Make sure you wash your face thoroughly so that you’re pores are open and ready to be exfoliated
  2. Simply take your mixture and apply a generous amount to your entire face gently rubbing it in a circle motion to really ensure that it penetrates those pores
  3. Once the scrub is applied you should leave it on for about 10-15 minutes
  4. Last step, wash the scrub off your face with warm water and enjoy your baby soft skin and natural glow !

Here are some pics of me trying out the scrub myself!

Here’s the scrub that my roommates made at the DIY program:




Results: My face felt like butter y’all ! Was sooooo smooth! 



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  1. I have tried this recipe and LOVED it! Thank you for reminding me of it! I can’t wait to make it again!


  2. I am all about at home DIY things especially when it is involving scrubs! I have not tried this one yet but I cant wait to! Thank you ❤


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