Sometimes we feel like when horrific or tragic things happen to us that’s it the end of the world but we gotta remember and constantly remind ourselves that we will be alright. Yes in that moment that pain that we are feeling feels so unreal and unforgettable but life moves/goes on and so will you. This is where being self sufficient and in tune with yourself comes to play. Not to say that self confidence lowers the chances of being hurt but it will in the long run. An individual that is dependent on others around them to ensure their happiness will never and can never truly be happy within themselves. So whatever hurt and pain that person may experience will be ten times worse than the individual who fends for themselves and doesn’t actively allow others actions to impact their emotions. If you did no wrong in that situation and still ended up being hurt in the end there is unfortunately nothing you can do to make it better because we as people, as bad as we want to, can not and do not control those around us. When you find yourself in a tough position or point in life, no matter how tough just say to yourself “I am strong, I can handle anything that is thrown my way, I am resilient and I am gonna be alright”.

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