So this post is for all my ladies out there who LOVE getting the glitz and glam that is a fresh manicure. I don’t know what it is but a fresh manicure just makes me feel so good !! I’m talking gel manis, regular manis, acrylic tips, acrylic gel tips and the list goes on! I wanted to get some acrylic tips but i wasn’t trying to break the bank so i did a bit of research and found a way to finesse my own acrylic tips from home ! First off here are a few pics of my results (before and after the color change) ☺️☺️



Guys this was my first time ever doing my own acrylics so i must give myself a pat on the back because i killed these looks !! If you wanna see how i finessed my nails take a look at my step by step tutorial below 💕✨

Step 1: Buy The Kit

Alright so i got my Kiss French Sculpture Kit from Target it was only $6.99! I know such an amazing deal. Here is a pic of the kit itself as well as another pic of all that came in the kit:

What’s in the kit ?

So there are a number of different kits that you could get to achieve some super fleek tips but they all should essentially include acrylic powder, acrylic liquid and nail glue. The Kiss French Sculpture Kit included all three those essentials along with 44 tips in a variety of sizes of style (both natural and French tip), cuticle pusher, an acrylic brush and a nail file. In addition to what was already provided in the kit i brought some cotton balls, a nail clipper, nail polish, and an additional set of nail files. Take a look for yourself

Step Two: Mix and Match ✨

As stated there are two different styles you can choose from along with 44 nails sizes. Simply set out the nails that best fit each of your nails and lay them out in order of the fingers that they will be going on. Makes this process run a whole lot smoother if you stay organized! Then you’ll simply just take your time glueing each nail onto yours BUT make sure you’re only putting the nail in the middle of your own nail no further than that because you have to save room for the acrylic to go on later on!



Step three: Cut and Shape em !

This was the part where I had the most fun! You have to choose which style and length you want your nails to be. I personally love the look of coffin nails, it’s always my go to style 😍! I simply cut the nails down a bit then started cutting the corners of the nails, filed them and then got these results:


Step four: Acrylic Time !

This step is a crucial one. You want to make sure that you have a glass bowl, paper towel, your acrylic brush, your acrylic powder and liquid. Fill up your glass bowl with your acrylic liquid, not fully more like less than half your glass. Next you are going to dip your brush into your glass bowl, tap it to get some of the excess liquid off then dip it in the powder. Finally start at the base of your nail working your way up and smoothing the surface as you do so. Repeat this step 2-3 times until the fake nail and your actual nail are at an even surface level !

Step five: Tha Finesse !

This is where your creativity comes out! Whether your a sleek n’ shine, natural tone or flashy and vibrant type of gal here’s when you choose your favorite nail polish and get to polishing!

Step six: Finish

I recommend using a clear gel-like polish to ensure that extra shine. Also finish out with a quick nail polish drying spray! Trust me this comes in handy when you gotta get right back to adulting after this pamper session !

Hope you all enjoyed this DIY tutorial! Please feel free to send me some videos and pics of ya DIY tips ! ✨💅🏾

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