1. DO NOT procrastinate. Get that negativity out of your life, no really. Make 2018 be your year of being productive and handling your business in an effective and timely manner

2. Try your best to stay positive. The semester might get a bit stressful as time progresses but just try and allow that positivity to shine through way past the negativity. There will be times when you want to quit but don’t, stick through the rough times because greater times are near in the future !

3. Think of the bigger picture at hand. Remember when you were little and grown ups would ask what we wanted to be when we grew up well this is the time in your life where you are acquiring all of those tools and experiences to make that dream come true.

4. Don’t get discouraged. School does not always come easy to everyone some of us have to take that extra step to understand material. If that is you please do not get discouraged, keep pushing yourself to try harder and harder.

5. You wanna be the part so dress that part. The statement “your appearance has an affect on your attitude” is soooo true! Dressing up automatically makes one feel good. You already know that you look good so you’re gonna feel good emotionally and have high spirits. So pick a random day or few days to try out a different style and see if it affects your day 😏

6. Hardy Diet. Ever heard that “breakfast foods are the brain’s thinking foods”? Well let me tell you this is so true. If you start your morning off right it could alter your entire day, give it a try! It doesn’t have to be anything fancy but some eggs and a slice of bread could definitely go a long way. Instead of you being in class thinking about the yummy lunch you’ll have after class is over you’ll be able to give your professor your full attention.

These are just a few tips that work for me, please share more tips if you guys have ! Happy first day of classes to all my fellow college students!!!

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