So i just got finished watching Chloe, a movie starring Julianne Moore and Amanda Seyfried. This movie is about a woman having suspicion that her husband might be having an affair so she meets a young girl whom she pays to go and spend time with her husband and then report back to her to tell her all the details of their time together. So my question is now would you go to these lengths if you didn’t trust your partner to see what they were up to ?

My personal opinion on this is no. As a woman why torture yourself even more. Just have that conversation with your significant other and tell them how you are feeling. Of course it’s a difficult conversation to have but trust me it is less headache. Some people in relationships lack trust off of accusations and not facts, granted every situation is different. There are real people that would actually go to these lengths to try and catch their partner in a lie. Most people will say these cliches in regards to a situation like this:

1. If you cannot trust someone that you’re in a relationship with why be in that relationship

2. If you cannot communicate with the person you’re in a relationship with then why stay in that relationship

These cliches are very easier said than done. We’ve all been in that one or few relationships that we feel like we should hold on too because we don’t know what else is out there and mostly because we love that person so much. But my mindset on this is “if it’s meant for me then it will be for me”. It’s better not to stress yourself out trying to snoop and sneak and look through your partners things because that is showing your own insecurities. You have to be so strong within yourself that even this person that you are choosing to share your life with can not and will not break you because of their careless decisions. You got to love yourself, trust yourself, communicate with yourself & appreciate yourself first before you can do all those things and more for anyone else.


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