New Years Resolution ?

I make a New Years resolution every single but ask me if i actually follow through on it .. the answer will most likely be no. I am not the best with consistency in most things that I do. The passion is there and so is the vision and so are the steps needed to get to where i want to be but the will to actually work hard for it is sadly lacking. I don’t know what it is with me but when i feel as though something requires too much work i kind of sike myself out and just convince myself that I’m better off without it. I hate the “new year,new me” thing but that’s what type of time I’m on right now. I want better for myself so it’s time that i actually implement some positive changes in my life because i am beginning to feel a bit stagnant and stuck in my ways. For 2018 i plan on bettering myself mentally, physically and spiritually.


The mind is such a powerful thing. Without you even being fully aware it can begin to control you. Think about it. Your mind is one of the most important/sacred things that you have. It holds on to memories and is filled with an array of ideas. It can be quite overwhelming but once you realize that you control it then you will be better off in every aspect of your life. I let my mind get the best of me. I am #1 second guess a decision that i was so sure of. My goal this year is to think things through thoroughly so that there won’t be any room to second guess. I want to be confident in my actions, words and decisions. I will commit myself to posting 2-3 blogs, not necessarily long ones, a week to excersise my mind and to keep it sharp. Along with that i will be calendar logging every single day. Calendar logging is basically writing a super small excerpt either in the morning or at the end of your day in the small box that is provided for each day on a calendar. This will help me remember how i felt throughout the year and will help me commit to something along with blogging. Also i will commit myself to cleaning my room and trying my best to keep everything clean and organized because a cluttered room opens up opportunity for a cluttered mind.


I am not comfortable with my weight. I’m not totally huge I’m just out of my comfort zone. I come from a very active background, i have been dancing and stepping all my life. I recently just graduated from undergrad so once that happened i ceased all physical activity. I feel like my body is in shock right now. I’m super sensitive about remarks being made about my body because im not comfortable in my skin physically at this time in my life. So what does one do when they don’t like something about themselves ? They work their ass off to change that. So of course i will be committing myself to working out at least 3-4 times a week. Now this might be a little tricky because i reside in buffalo which is looking like a snow globe right now but that is no excuse. I will set up a work out plan for myself. I will do maybe 2 days in the gym and then the other two work out in my home. I will also be adjusting my eating habits. Not only will i be cutting fast food down to just one day a week but i will also be eating smaller portions and introducing more fruits to my diet. I will be documenting my weight loss along the way.


I have been slacking a bit in this area. I try and make it to church every Sunday but i work Saturday nights into Sunday mornings and am exhausted by the time it’s time to wake up for church. I will commit myself to make it to church twice a month, preferably the first Sunday of the month and the second to last Sunday of the month. My relationship with God has gotten me through many difficult situations that i have gotten through lately. God shows me just how strong I am and that i can accomplish every and anything through him. I will have constant conversations with him not just in times that i need him but just when i want to give thanks for all of the good things that he has done for me and all of the blessings that he has given me and my loved ones.

2018 is the year of me coming into my own. I’m going to be versatile in every aspect in my life down to my attitude when dealing with people & situations, down to my hairstyles, my outfits, my concentration when it comes to my education and my relationships. Optimism is the word for 2018.

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