Till you get it right

God is not the author of confusion. He will drop a situation in your path on multiple occasions to see if how you handle it differently. It might not be under the same exact circumstances but it is in fact the same underlining situation. Tonight I was having a conversation with my roommates and God dropped something in my spirit and I felt as though he was speaking through me because certain things were just clicking for me. I was referring back to me past situations with boys that I have dealt with and now i see the wrongdoings in those situations. I am in a place where I don’t blame those guys for doing me wrong because subconsciously I allowed them to treat me as they did. I have no resentment with them because I have come to terms with the situation and have chosen to grow from it instead of let it be a burden on my everyday life.

There have been many situations in my life that have been on repeat for years without me knowing it. My last post was entitled “what is my purpose”? That was the question that I asked God as I sat in my bathroom belting out tears because I felt so helpless. And through this conversation I feel like he answered my prayers. I feel good when I help people. I feel like that is a sense of therapy for me personally. I learn more about myself as well as help that person in need.

I see things so clearly now and in a better light too. I feel as though certain situations are reoccurring in my life just with different characters and I am dealing with them differently than I usually do and in turn I am getting better outcomes. Once I got into my relationship I lost out on a lot of girl time with my friends because I wanted to be with my man 24/8. Moments that I shared with my friends like tonight is a recap/re-occurence of the time that I missed out on. But I don’t feel like i missed out on anything I just believe that wasn’t my time to have that conversation because i may not have recieved those same outcomes that I gained tonight. I feel so refreshed and rejuvenated. God is so good yall. He may not answer on your time but he is ALWAYS on time, trust me on that one !

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