Honesty is so essential to a strong and long lasting relationship. Someone once told me “you don’t lie to the people that you love” and i unfortunately just did that on multiple occurrences. I was ashamed of my past and who I used to be and didnt want to be that girl anymore but that was not beneficial for me or my loved ones. I learned that once you tell one lie you get caught in a web of lies because you have to tell a bunch of other lies to cover up that one lie. In a relationship sense, if you feel the need to lie to that person why are you with them if you don’t feel that you can be your authentic self without. You gotta be willing to be unapolegetically you and proud of it. We all do things that we are ashamed and wish we can take back but unfortunately you can not do that in this day and age. But lets think, is that really such a bad thing that we cant change events that take place in our life. I don’t think so, i have been working on my spirituality as well as my relationship with God and even in the darkest times in my life i believe that God has been there for me. I may not have understood why certain things had to happen but i know that God is not the author on confusion.

Being honest the ones that I love has been such a refreshing feeling. I dont have to remember things that I told them, if I feel a way I let them know how I am feeling  its just a weight off my shoulders. I feel good for the first time in a very long time. Just be you and be proud of your past because it has shaped you into the individual that you are today. Learn from your mistakes dont just push them to the back of your head as if they never happened at all. If the person you are seeing romantically or if a close friend cannot accept you for being you then that just means that that relationship is not meant to happen. You may really want something to work out but God can be trying to show you this is not your path, not to be defiant and just to trust in him.

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