Thankfully Blessed

Haven’t posted in the past few days because I was trying to get through thanksgiving and i must say it was a SUCCESS ! 💪🏾 Had a potluck with a bunch of close friends and it was just great vibes and energy throughout the night. The question naturally rang in my head “what are you thankful for”. I am thankful for god waking me up every morning, for myself and my loved ones and their loved ones being healthy and functioning, for god providing me a roof over my head, a job that helps me pay the bills to afford this roof over my head, friends that have come and gone in my life, relationships that i will always cherish and remember and most of all peace of mind knowing that God got me and that he has the ultimate plan for me. I have learned to stop complaining and focusing on all the negative things because i give negativity way to much shine in my life and always put the positivity on the back burner because i expect these things to happen so i don’t really feel the need to talk about it. Why do we do this? Exploit the negative but downplay the positive ? It’s gotta stop because i can assure you that nothing productive will come from that mindset.

Challenge yourself as i am going to challenge myself. For a week straight starting this Sunday (tomorrow) i want you to reflect on your day at nighttime and write down all the situations that you encountered that bothered you and i want you to try your hardest to see ways that you could of made that situation into a positive one for yourself or others. Every night read over these revisions and observations and try and apply that to your next day. This will challenge you to be a better person and learn how to deal with negative situations with a positive mindset. I guarantee that it will open up your eyes and push your stagnant mindset past it’s limits.

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