“I hate Mondays”

Monday mornings have always been such a driddy time for so many people for so many years of their life. Either you’re a Student and this means you have that good ol’ 8am lecture class or you’re an adult have that good ol’ 9-5 job. I wasn’t too much of a morning person myself but it’s all mental. If you properly pre-plan your day out the night before you won’t wake up in a twilight zone trying to rush and get everything together but instead you’ll actually be able to give yourself the appropriate amount of time to wake your body up. If you stay positive that will surely go a long way. Monday is the start to most of our weeks so start with a strong optimistic mindset that you will make it through this week ahead and all the obstacles that might come with it. If you lead with your faith that will make all the difference. Call on God and ask him to give you the strength and patience to get through this week and to lift you up and keep you going when you’re feeling weak and want to just give up. I like to remember that my God will NEVER put me in a situation that i cant ultimately conquer, I just gotta know and learn my own strengths. Have a blessed and productive Monday ! 🤗

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  1. I really began to despise the “I hate Monday” in 2017. Monday can be just as glorious as Friday. It’s not about the day; it’s about the energy that we bring into the day.

    I try to make every day a great day by thanking God for allowing me to be a part of that day.

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