I dedicate my Sundays as my day of rest as well as my day of worship. I truly do try my best to make it to church every Sunday but I’m coming in from a Saturday overnight every week around 6:15 am so some Sundays my body just needs to relax. I love going to church for the word and for the experience. I can and do pray on my own a lot but there is nothing like being around people who are so heavily endowed with th Holy Spirit. I am working on my spirituality and my relationship with god. Throughout my life that relationship always fell short because i thought every and anything else was more important than that. Once I started this journey to strengthen this relationship, I noticed all of the times in my life where he was talking to me either through my conscience or through other people but i was too hard headed to even care or listen. He is the only one who can judge and define and God loves all his children. I have sinned and done things that i am not proud of but if God is able to forgive me than i must be able to forgive myself. They say God is not the author of confusion and this i believe to be true. Many things happened in my life because god has he ultimate plan for me. My bad choices probably made me take an alternative route to get there but i will eventually get there because of him. I’ve learned that God will/does not put anything in my life that i cannot overcome. I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me. Have a blessed Sunday and may your prayers help you make it through the week!

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