If there is one thing that I CANNOT stand is a bully ! I was working register at my job the other day and I saw these young girls maybe in their mid-teens walk in, order some fries, then sit down and enjoy. I see another girl around their age group see them through the window and proceeds to come in but when the group of girls seen her they had a totally different reaction, they got up and tried to hide from the girl behind garbage cans and underneath the table (mind you my job is surrounded by windows 🤦🏾‍♂️). So the girl finally makes it inside and the ones that were hiding from her just gave up and decided to go back to their seats. I thought it was a joke because me and my friends joke around with eachother like that but i was sadly mistaken. The girl walks to the table and is asking why were they hiding from her ? What did she do ? And the group of girls proceed to eat their fries and ignore her. One girl, i guess she’s the spokesperson of the group, told her “I said we were hanging out later (pointing to the girls at the table with her), not you” then went back to ignoring her and eating her fries. The girl looked so hurt so she stormed out. I could not believe what i just witnessed. That was so disgusting and the sad thing is that that girl will forever remember this moment in her lifetime because at that time in a girls life loosing your friends and not even knowing why can destroy your self-esteem. Why do we bully eachother? Like what satisfaction does that give the bullier? I was bullied growing up because i allowed that to happen. As a kid i always wanted to fit in with the “cool kids” but now i realized that i would never be in their little clique because we didn’t have anything in common and that’s okay. Today i much rather have quality over quantity. And that is exactly what i have and I’m content. I rather have 5 people that are extremely loyal to me than 15 people that I’m not sure if i can trust.

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