It started when i was a little girl. Most would assume that growing up as an only child would be me “living the life”. Don’t get me wrong I was spoiled rotten but there were times that i wished for siblings to argue with and share memories with. Us only children have such vivid imaginations as do all children. Every child dreams of what they wish to accomplish in life and what they wish to be when they grow older well i wanted to become everything you could think of. I wanted to be a teacher. I would sit my teddy bears up next to each other and give each a notebook and a pencil. I would proceed to pace back and forth in front of them explaining the lesson for the day. As stated before, us children have very vivid imaginations. So to make this concept of me being a teacher feel more real for me I would write a sentence in every single notebook, “send” my class to recess and then proceed to grade what was written in the notebooks. I wanted to be a singer. My dad is a music producer and my mom an avid music lover herself i grew up to the sound of music blasting through our speakers on a consistent basis, the genres varied. I took a few piano lessons at an after school program but ultimately taught myself how to play. Once i learned the basics i began playing around with chords and then began adding lyrics to those chords and then eventually making full blown songs. I loved it and was very passionate about it but i was easily discouraged.

Being discouraged is a feeling that I know all too well. It’s been a constant theme in my life, till this very day. Me feeling discouraged prevented me from doing things that i genuinely wanted to do. But as we all know growing up a young black African American female comes with its own battles and hardships. I did not love myself. That’s sounds so harsh when i say that back to myself, but it’s the truth. I’m 21 years old now and I have come to the realization that there are many events in my life that I haven’t fully dealt with but i have a new found relationship with God and his guidance is making me realize the strength that i have always had. Notice i didn’t say that he is giving me strength. I’ve always been this strong, passionate, ambitious and determined I was just never confident enough to showcase these qualities. I am now at a time in my life where i want to share this journey that i plan to embark on finally not being discouraged but instead by being encouraged to be strong. It won’t be a hard task because it’s in my nature.

”The best thing about a journey isn’t the end result but instead it’s the lead up to that end result. It is full of life long lessons. So enjoy your journey, however long it may be, for it will be an experience you’ll never forget”


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  1. Wow. This was beautiful. Reclaiming your inner power! You should be proud of yourself. In these moments of self doubt never feel you are alone. Even though no one understands your exact personally experience there are still people going through similar battles. And they are supporting your fight. 👏👏👏

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