From young mothers try and instill values in their daughters. Telling them that they are beautiful and strong and intelligent. These words sadly become forgetten amongst the presence of a young girl’s peers. I know this to be true because this was once my reality. My mom showered me in words of encouragement many of times but when it came down to putting these words to the test i failed time and time again. I no longer felt beautiful, I no longer felt strong and I no longer felt intelligent. I instead picked up the traits of feeling unwanted, ugly, weak and not good enough. But who was I not good enough for ? At the time, my answer to this question was “My friends, the people I interact with on a daily basis”. Now i realize the actual answer was “myself”. I now see that no one else around me looked that deeply into my flaws because we were all young adolescents and they were too busy fighting their own battles to even notice mine. I didn’t see that then. I was convinced that I was alone going through this intense dissatisfaction of myself.

God handcrafted a crown just for me. No one can wear it. It’s not their style, their fit, their color because it is uniquely designed for me. My mother placed my crown on my head from young with her words of encouragement and as time went on and I got older I took my crown off with my own hands because I felt unworthy. At the age of 21, I am deciding to pick my crown back up and put it in it’s rightful place. I am no longer overly concerned about what others think, their opinions can not define me. The only person that controls my crown is me, and that is something that i failed to realize long ago.

“We are all queens with our handcrafted crowns made uniquely for every single one of us. Take the time to find out what sets your crown apart from all the others. Own it, love it, and control it because it is yours and no one else’s.”



*I do not own the rights to the featured photo*

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