Today is one of my days off from work so I decided to be productive and studious and come to Campus to get some work done before my 6:30 pm class. SB: Quick fact about myself. I am a current graduate student at Buffalo State College studying Public Administration for Non profit organizations. I aspire to one day own my own non profit organization that caters to deterring our youth from criminal activities through performing arts such as music and dance. So as i sit in the library getting my papers done a couple comes and sits next to me. I have my headphones in but i took them out because my attention span is equivalent to that of a dog’s and i can’t do more than one thing at a time. Headphones out, phone down, now i have no distractions to stop me from getting this work done, at least that’s what i thought. The boyfriend proceeds to grab his girlfriend closer to him by rolling her chair in his direction. She resists but in a playful way, ladies you know what i mean. When you say no but you that no really means yes/okay. So they do this for about 5-7 solid minutes and it’s super distracting. He then starts kissing all over her and it was a bit excessive. He even made a comment like “I’m going to the bathroom but i need you to come with me”. 😷😷😷

I know a lot of people who hate PDA and hate seeing it. I was one of those people up until recently. I always tell people it takes the right person for you to want to show them that kind of attention in public. PDA has its limits in my opinion. I love seeing a man show his woman affection and a woman show her man the same but the question is how much is too much PDA? Another thing that’s gotta be considered is who are you showing this affection in front of. If it’s random people, they probably would find it more irritating and annoying where as if you did it in front of close friends they wouldn’t really mind it that much and those reactions can even be interchangeable with those two sets of people. Okay Let’s see, I’m gonna list actions that couples do in public and put a  ✅ if it’s PDA approved and a ❎ if it’s a bit excessive.

– Kiss goodbye ✅

– Full blown make out session ❎

– Sitting on laps ✅

– Holding hands ✅

-Grabbing and Groping their partner ❎

-Having loud sexual conversations ❎

Thats just to list a few. What are some actions that you see couples doing ? What are your dos & don’t s when it comes to PDA?


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